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Willow Ring

Willow Ring

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The Willow, a one-of-a-kind design featuring a lovely piece of authentic Maine opaque white sea-glass, with a beautiful frosted finish.

Set within a fine silver bezel, decorated with 13 recycled silver granules. Set upon a 3.6mm three-way split band, where the band is 3mm at the back of the ring & splits into 11mm meeting the sea glass.

This ring is a size 7.5 - please confirm this is your correct ring size before purchasing!


Size: 3

Metal Type: .925 Silver / .999 Silver

Width: 3.6mm

Thickness: 1mm

Material: Authentic Seaglass 

Material Color: White

Material Size: 12mm x 9mm, slightly oval

Accents: 6 recycled silver granules

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